Sunday, March 12, 2017

The End of an Era

The temperature was downright frigid, but the sun shone down on us this time.  I had a spot on the sunny side of the street for this parade, and I was prepared to enjoy the show.  After dropping our dancer off at the staging area my husband and I, clutching our coffee cups, wove through the waiting crowd to our traditional spot across from the American History Museum.  There we basked in the sun, glancing to our left every few minutes to see if the parade had started and reflecting on how much Rebecca and her friends had grown up.

As a new dance mom I was constantly trying to keep track of stuff (wigs, shoes, capes); we had our share of  (now hilarious) mishaps early on.  I'll never forget the first time she danced a parade; one of the parents came up to me at the end waving Rebecca's wig and telling me she'd help me put it on correctly the next time.  Or the time Rebecca danced in her socks because her ghillie shoes had fallen off.  I learned pretty quickly that everything needed to be strongly attached.

As an experienced dance mom, I am just a sherpa.  I carry the bags to every performance and I carry them home.  She is responsible for the makeup (thank goodness) and wig, the dress and the shoes.  Now that she is older - it is fun to just observe her in action while lugging the gear.

A transformation happens to Rebecca and her friends before an Irish Dance performance.  They usually arrive at the performance venue with hair and makeup done - wigs and tiaras attached, but dressed in sweats and jackets.  They are an interesting contrast, often drawing stares from people walking by.  After warming up, the dancers change into their full costumes - sweats and shirts are tossed aside for glittery and colorful Irish dance costumes.  Worn sneakers and Uggs are traded for taps and ghillie shoes.  The giggly girls transform into stunning and poised performers - smiling and posing for cameras and ready to perform.

Today these grown up and gorgeous girls danced Irish Jigs on a float pulled by a massive truck.  They were amazing; what a wonderful day for the last of her St. Patrick's Day Parade performances.


  1. What an awesome tradition. This is one event that's been captured by the SOLC since our first year, right?

  2. I feel a little choked up by this one. How far she has come.