Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dog Lovers - Help!

Our little beagle has been remarkably healthy - for which I am so grateful, however she has been smelling funny this week.  When I walk into the house in the afternoons and she runs over to greet me, I run over to the back door to let her out quick and air out the kitchen.

The smell has seemed to come and go in the last week.  But finally I tasked my daughter with bathing her - just to see if that helped.  Maybe she had rolled in something outside...a bath would help regardless.

She is not a dog that loves to bathe - in fact, she really doesn't like water much.  So when my daughter hollered from the bathroom, "Mom, c'mere," I assumed she needed help getting her into the tub.  When I opened the bathroom door, though, she was scrubbing Canela, the Beagle's, backside. "Mom, she has poop all over her rear end."  I didn't know "Poopy Butt" was a thing, but Google gave me lots of information about it.

I took her back to the groomer today, as the smell continues, hoping that perhaps something was blocked back there and they could fix it.  They scrubbed her again and recommended a trip to the vet. So, next on the list is to get an appointment with the vet, which I will visit with my fingers crossed. We'd like to keep this perky girl around for a while longer - 12 is still young for a beagle, isn't it?


  1. I have had bassets for 20 years and joke that someday I will write a book called "My Life in Dog Poop". Just poop in her back area and not in the house? Maybe she is getting weak bak there and having trouble finishing a bowel movement. I would definitely take her to the vet, just to make sure nothing more serious is going on. You might consider getting unscented baby wipes and giving her girl parts a wipe whenever she comes in from outside, or after a walk. That way if there is feces or urine anywhere, you can wipe it away.

  2. Did Google tell you about the darker side of dog ownership...anal glands? Pretty common, I understand, and yucky, I've heard, but not life threatening.

    1. I had no idea! I take human grossness over dog, hmm, I'm rethinking that.