Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Good Dog News, Thank Goodness

Dog lover friends - I have good news.  The adorable beagle I sliced about on Sunday - (remember, with the poopy butt) has been diagnosed with a curable urinary tract infection and major hindquarter discomfort because of this.  The vet suggested that an antibiotic would take care of this, but I would also need to cleanse her private parts daily, with a medicated wipe.

Gulp.  Losing weight will help too apparently - so both of us (the dog and I) are going to work on that.

And, yes, friend Leah, I learned about Anal Gland expressing. I learned quick when the vet asked me to step to the head of the dog, because "sometimes this stuff squirts and I don't want you to get hit," she said, pulling on her purple latex gloves.  "My assistant and I keep our mouths shut during this part of the process," she stated, through gritted teeth.

Eek.  Putting more fiber in the beagle's meals will help apparently - so both of us (the dog and I) can work on that as well.

My daughter and I grimaced at each other, but a few minutes later I happily paid the hefty bill - grateful for this vet's skill and expertise.


  1. Haha I wrote about the vet today too! The things we do for our pets! I have a dog in diapers and have to deal with a lot of that stuff too. Love those pups!

  2. I've been in the room for an anal gland expression. P. U! I am glad to hear that it is something easily fixed. I always go in to the vet expecting to spend at least $200. If I get out under $100, I am giddy.