Saturday, March 25, 2017

Aging Gracefully

I don't ever feel a day older, well, except for the pain in my hip; however, this day I experienced the passage of time as I attended a colleague's daughter's baby shower.

We used to tease Tom about being "older than dirt."  In fact when my husband and I were new teachers we used to take every opportunity to remind him that he was older than we were.  In pictures from camping trips we took, when we were "Dinks" and he had two small children,  we look relatively calm - and he looked slightly harassed.  These pictures happened yesterday - except for the twenty years that quickly passed us by.

Today we celebrated his daughter's baby shower - the little girl who, when we were camping, was certain to make sure that the dog was taken care of and really everyone was taken care of, she is having her own child.

I came across a picture of my husband and I on one of these camping trips.  I am wrapped in a dark blue sweatshirt, proclaiming my allegiance to Western Washington University - despite being on the East Coast; and I am pregnant.  My face shines with the same joy that I saw in Jess today - healthy, happy, and hopeful for the future.

I'm sure I'm not older, well, that much older.  She has aged wonderfully.  I look the same.

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  1. Here's to aging gracefully (and gratefully!). This is a lovely slice. How wonderful that you are all still in each others' lives and can share this beautiful time together. How wonderful that you found that earlier pic from that camping trip and saw yourself glowing with health, happiness, and hope!