Thursday, March 9, 2017

Feeling Honored

I didn't post last night - I'm feeling so guilty!  But, when the teenagers (including the college one home for spring break) hang out at the table after dinner - for two hours - you don't leave.  I just reveled in their laughter and teasing.  A lovely memento of these years.  

Tonight I was recognized for 25 years of service in my school system.  It was important to me to participate in this recognition - even though many don't participate.  Educators do not get recognized publicly very often - and I do think that it is an important rite that validates the years and the service. 

My dad's experience in the military sets a high bar for recognizing and celebrating service.  Every time he moved from one duty post to the next, or got a promotion, there was a recognition ceremony that both honored his work and celebrated his successes.  The Army also celebrated and valued the family sacrifices that are part of being in a military family.   My dad and mom, now retired, have plaques and pictures reflecting their years of service that serve as the framework for the story of my childhood.  

I don't have pictures and plaques, but I did receive a lovely pewter tray that will grace the credenza in my office as a token for my service.  And, I have years of memories of children and adults who have helped me grow as an educator and person over the last 25 year.  


  1. Congratulations, old timer! A quarter of a century in education is impressive, even more so because of your contributions and accomplishments over that time.

  2. I thought I spied your face in a friend's picture! Congratulations!