Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Anyone Want Videos?

We took a ginormous step this weekend.  In moving "into" our new TV console, from a piecemeal shelving unit, we didn't have space for our VCR, so we eliminated it!  It didn't really bother me when my spouse ran the concept by me - it wasn't until he asked me to discard about 40 VHS tapes that I got worried.

Going through the stack of videos I found my kids' first "long" movie, Dinosaur, that we watched over and over again in those early years of  G-Rated TV watching.  Then I found the classic duo, Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews were my kids' heroes back then, and we all love a good musical now because of these two amazing actors.  There were a few more modern movies, like October Sky, (labelled with my mom's name...sorry mom, I'll return it now) as well as Amadeus (my personal favorite) and Shawshank Redemption. I got really nostalgic, however, when I found a short VHS tape called There Goes an Airplane, an educational video that we used to show the littles, a very long time ago.

Looking through these videos gave me a chance to re-live the Friday Movie Nights at our house. Traditionally the evening began with pizza and ended with a movie in the basement, all members of the family snuggled together on the couch.  For close to fifteen years, I'm pretty sure, most Friday nights we all curled on the couch with pizza and a movie.

I sure do miss those movie nights.  This past Sunday evening my daughter, who had been helping her dad reorganize the DVD collection, found Pitch Perfect and put it on the TV.  A few minutes later she asked if we wanted to join her, then if we could eat dinner downstairs.  For a few precious hours more I relished the special closeness of Family Movie Night.

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  1. movie nights can be so fun! I think my mom still has a box of the VHS tapes we used to watch - you can get most movies on Amazon/Netlfix now but it feels different.

    hannahshappenings.net (hannanabanana)