Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Wilderness Adventure

My legs ache, my head is throbbing, and I'm feeling exhausted.  I trekked for miles this afternoon, dodging obstacles placed in my way, pursuing a hard-to-follow trail, and tracking my spouse who regularly disappeared without a trace.  I never want to see the dotted lines of the map again - marking shortcuts that twisted and turned and leading us into different temptations.  

I was at IKEA.  

It was supposed to be a short trip.  Sig O and I had a plan for shelves, we knew what would work, we knew what we wanted to spend, but all hell broke loose with our plan when we ventured out of the bookshelves section and into the kitchen cabinets. "Because," he said, "we should really look around to see if anything else might meet our requirements."  

In Kitchens we found a reasonable set of shelves that were more sturdy than the bookshelves and just slightly more expensive.  Hmm, now we had to think.  Over Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes we hashed things out, then returned to Kitchens.  After deciding to go with the more expensive cabinet, we paid and I looked for our escape.  "Your cabinets won't be ready for you for a while.  Take your time while you walk to the pick up," said the helpful cashier.  

So, we looked in dressers and bedroom furniture.  We surfed through living room furniture where I got slightly distracted by the comfortable looking couches.  We almost got stuck in the wardrobe section where we might have found the perfect product to meet our needs...but no, we reminded ourselves, we had already purchased and we were happy with the cabinets.  Right?    

Downstairs into the Marketplace we ventured.  The crowds there seemed more harried, or maybe that was just me.  We were, after all, three and a half hours into this shopping trip.  As well, the children around us seemed more cranky, and the "trail" we were following seemed narrower with more evil traps set for us, like new storage options for holding silverware or new light fixtures and light bulbs.  

Finally, we escaped.  We are home now, and the car is unloaded.  We survived this venture to IKEA - but let me assure you, I will not be heading there again soon!  


  1. A true wilderness adventure! As we drove by IKEA yesterday, I was struck by the vastness of the store and the fullness of the parking lot. It does take a certain fortitude to make it through.

  2. It's always that way-- the expedition starts out so full of promise and directions and then one is completely undone by the vast array of STUFF!

    You captured it nicely!

  3. I have been on the trek before! So easy to get lost in that wilderness! I love this post - so fun to read.

  4. Sounds like quite the adventure. I would love a trip to IKEA but we don't have one close by.