Thursday, March 23, 2017

Are they losing their minds? I'm talking about the children...

It's easy to get wrapped up in the hectic pace of life...and this week has seemed especially hectic.  In fact, "Is it a full moon?" was a common question flying around the main office today.  I, myself, asked a number of times as I came up for air (a metaphor for the amount of time I spent in my office disciplining middle school students).  I am a firm believer that barometric pressure, and other atmospheric changes, can impact student behavior in an uncertain way.

So, let's do a quick poll -

Are your students responding extraordinarily impulsively to "normal" situations?

Have any of your students displayed unusually temperamental behavior?

For example, these are the behaviors I saw today:

  • shoving their teacher, 
  • tossing a chair, 
  • bursting into loud wails and sobs that cause you to worry about a student's ability to breathe 

Do they seem unusually focused on inappropriate behaviors?

  • perhaps you are finding drawings of penises on items around your room?
  • are you collecting their personal devices because they are distracted by other things on their IPads?  
  • making decisions that you have just told them are WRONG - and yet they do it anyway?  

Perhaps it's just me...Please let me know.


  1. Oh my... I have had seen lots of over emotioned type of behavior. You just had to look at one of my students and he was sure you were out to get him and turn everyone against him. Another refused to come to school ever again because someone laughed at him and he didn't like it. It has to be something in the air!!!! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! I hope your day is more normal!

  2. My day was kind of like that last week but they seemed to have settled down. We have break in T minus 5.5 days. I hope you enjoy yours.

  3. Coming soon TGIF! This time last year we were on Spring Break. The later break this year is just as effective as a full moon.

  4. I work with kinders so I see these behaviors just in a younger light- but yes!! my kids are CRAZY!! lol

  5. I completely agree with your barometer/moon phase assessment. I say that middle school craziness is a "catching disease," which means that once one of them loses it, they all do!

  6. This sounds like they all took a trip crazy town! I hope they're on their way home.