Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dream of a Day

I love a quiet Sunday.  After the hectic week and a busy Saturday, I was delighted to roll over this morning knowing that there were no demands on my time, outside of those I put on myself.  How freeing!

A trip to the grocery to gather what was needed for...
Pumpkin flavored pancakes with Sausages and fresh fruit
Eggs for protein
Orange Juice in little cups for extra vitamin C
Washing dishes while looking out the window at the bright sun
All's right with the world.

A trip to the warehouse style store allowed for some great people watching
Loved the snacks and freebies  :)
Seltzers, shampoo, cheese, lunchmeat and bread -
I think we are ready for another busy week.

Sheets and towels gathered and thrown into the laundry
Teens' laundry too!
Up and down the stairs many times
Laundry in, laundry out, fold, fold, fold
Laundry done...
What a wonderful feeling.

Family dinner with both kids
Schedules, spring breaks, calendars
Fun, then
Reading time

Dream Day!