Sunday, March 1, 2020


Her still-13 year-old picture lit up my phone.  Rebecca's calling. "I'm at the door by the cafeteria, Mom. Would you come let us in?" 

My husband and I leap up from the conference table and head down the long hallway to Door 14.  She's here! 

Our eager strides move us quickly to where she waits. Wrapping she and her friends up in big hugs, we welcome her home, or at least close to home, for a short time. 

Her favorite sandwiches wait (Italian Store Subs, the best!), and we sit around the conference table talking about how things are going:  mid-terms, trip to Baltimore, new car, study abroad in Spain, updates on family. 

And then, in a blink, she is gone. Sandwiches eaten and chips devoured. On her independent way, again. 

Just got this text, "Thank you guys so much. It was awesome. Made it safely home."  

The world gets quiet quickly now that we are empty-nesters. So glad to have these brief moments to hold on to.  So grateful to see her.  


  1. I can feel your gratitude, and also the big, huge quiet after your grown up child goes off into life.
    I love the detail where your phone id photo of her is still 13 years old. Nice touch!

  2. So poignant, and made even more so by the specifics of your brief visit.

  3. A lovely piece of writing! Do you think your mom feels the same way when you leave her house after a visit?

  4. There is a lot of love in your writing--and it's clear that the feelings are mutual!