Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cranky, Crankmeister, Crankified...it all means the same thing...

In general - this was a crappy day.  After hearing a chorus of "Yeah, it was crappy for me too," I'm ready to blame it all on Daylight Savings Time.  (I can hear friend Tracey agreeing!)

It could be very true - as many reported that we had a hard time falling asleep, and/or hadn't slept well, so the unexpectedly high report of crappy days could be correlated to symptoms of DST. I'm hoping that by Wednesday our bodies have adjusted.  I imagine that mine will - but I'm a little worried about the hormone-laden group of eighth graders' capability to respond quickly to such a challenging shift in their sleep schedule. So far it hasn't been a good adjustment.

We are all a little cranky.  You?  


  1. In 6th grade we're not cranky- just very chatty.

  2. So very cranky today...and as a result....didn't want to write about ANYTHING!

  3. I am definitely cranky. We are also doing major testing this week so I thought it was the added pressure from change in schedules along with DST.

  4. I felt the cranks too...the full moon was last week I thought! xo

  5. Honestly, I felt ok (not typical for me and the time change), and I was dodging cranksters all day. You know you're not alone!

  6. In Katy, we are on Spring Break, so I'm not cranky about the time change, but the weather!
    I am hoping that everyone returns to us well rested, but then I think to myself, "WHATEVER!"
    In Texas, they are talking about bringing it to the legislature to no longer participate in Daylight Savings time. We will see!
    It will get better! :)